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7 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

7 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Tidying up the carpet is a daunting task. Therefore, many home-owners often look for a carpet cleaning company in Manchester for the clean-up. But if you have set your mind to clean the carpet by yourself, fret not! Today we are sharing some cleaning hacks from the expert cleaner’s desk to make your carpet spotless.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into these life-saving hacks that can also save you a few bucks:

  1. Wipe out Wine Stains

Have you spilled wine or coffee on your carpet? Wine stains are hard to remove, as the longer they stay, the harder they get. The quickest thing you can do is blob the wine. Avoid rubbing, as it will make it more messy. Once the liquid is absorbed, you can take a few approaches to getting rid of the stains. For example, baking soda, or by using liquid soap with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Manchester will also help you remove the stain much faster.

  • Say bye to greasy stains

Accidents happen, which can lead to oil stains on your carpet. But these stains are by no means easy to dispose of. So, cleaning it with simple hot water and dabbing is not going to cut it. But if your pantry has baking soda, then there’s a way out. Baking soda absorbs the grease from your carpet and makes it free of stains.

  • Sticky Gums? No worries

Isn’t it hard to get rid of the stocky gums, no matter how much you try? There is an easy solution at home! Using ice cubes on gum to freeze them helps you easily scrape them off without spoiling your carpet. However, if you are having difficulties, you can consider hiring a carpet cleaning company in Manchester.

  • Get rid of pet hair

Having pets is cute and all, until you have to clean the fur from your carpet. Only using a vacuum cleaner will not give you the best result. But a squeegee will get the job done, especially if your pet has short fur.

  • Drive off the odour

No one wants a smelly carpet. Besides, it’s not healthy for you and your family. The DIY for making a home-made deodorant is to add essential oils to borax. You can also add baking soda and salt to absorb the smell and make your room free from toxins.

  • Take off wax marks from carpet

Hiring a carpet cleaning company in Manchester can help you remove wax marks from the carpet. However, if you want to try it at home, you should wait until the wax hardens. Gently remove the solidified wax using a butter knife and vacuum the residue. Then, place a wet cloth on it and use an iron to remove any excessive wax.

  • Remove nail polish smudges

When it comes to removing nail polish smudges, rubbing alcohol can be a lifesaver. Dampen the part of the carpet with water and then add rubbing alcohol and rub with a brush or a cleaning tool, scrub the spot.

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