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Clean and Comfortable: Choosing Foam Mattress Cleaning Services in Manchester

Clean and Comfortable: Choosing Foam Mattress Cleaning Services in Manchester

Do you think it’s a hassle to clean your foam mattress at home? An uncleaned mattress not only impacts your beauty sleep but also is not good for your overall well-being. Worry not! Opting for mattress cleaning services in Manchester help you get rid of any dirt left on your foam mattress, so it’s clean and comfortable like a new one!

Nonetheless, you can also try cleaning your mattress even without hiring professional help. The Carpet Cleaners Manchester is leading towards 8 easy steps to clean your foam  mattress at home. Let’s dive in:

Check the care instructions

First, look at the care guide that came with your foam mattress. Reading the guidance will help you learn about the way you can clean your mattress and what you should avoid. For instance, professional mattress cleaning companies in Manchester avoid keeping it near strong heat. 

Wash your mattress cover

If you don’t use a mattress cover, it’s time you should think again. Using a removable cover makes the cleaning process much easier. You can simply throw the cover in the washing machine and save your time on the cleaning process. Washing your sheets and bedding every week at a high temperature kills bacteria and dust mites, keeping your mattress clean and healthy for a longer time.

Remove stains with laundry detergent and water 

When you’re faced with stains on your mattress, it’s best not to let the foam get soaked for too long. Prolonged dampness can harm the foam from within. To prevent this, lightly spray lukewarm water on the stain and gently blot it with a damp cloth. Some mattress makers recommend using water mixed with mild laundry detergent or dish soap, but check their care instructions first. However, if you still can’t remove the stain, book expert mattress cleaning services in Manchester. 

Deal with stains before they dry 

Accidentally spilled your drinks while watching a movie at bedtime? Take immediate action not to leave any spots in your mattress. Clean the mattress with a damp cloth and try to absorb as much moisture as you can. Let it dry properly before putting your bedding back on.

Vacuum regularly 

Is sneezing and coughing a regular thing for you every day? A dirty mattress can make your allergies worse. Changing  your sheets once every few days is not enough to keep your mattress clean. Here’s what mattress cleaning experts in Manchester say. 

Over time dust particles build up on your mattress. So, don’t forget to vacuum your mattress. It removes dirt, dust, hair, and dead skin cells, providing a clean surface for your new bedding. You can also sprinkle a little baking soda over the surface to keep your mattress fresh and odour free. 

The Carpet Cleaners Manchester delivers top-notch mattress washing service in Manchester. Book our service today!

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