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Brown Carpet Stain? Remove it with the best Carpet Cleaning Company in Manchester

Brown Carpet Stain? Remove it with the best Carpet Cleaning Company in Manchester

Fed up with dealing with those stubborn marks on your carpet that make your space look terrible? Brown stains are a common and ugly problem faced by both homes and businesses. These noticeable, large brown patches on carpets can ruin the appearance of your entire room and often become the main focus due to their significant size and unappealing color. But don’t worry! You don’t have to hire a carpet cleaning company in Manchester each time or buy a new carpet as the only solution.

In this blog, we’ll explore why these annoying brown stains happen and give you practical tips to stop them from coming back.

What causes brown carpet stains?

The main reason for those brown stains on your carpet is oxidation. If your place has high humidity, like damp storage areas, the growth of mould and mildew can also play a part in creating those brown marks. Whether the water is pure or dirty doesn’t make a difference; the result is the same.

Opting for carpet cleaning services in Manchester once or twice a year can help your carpet seem as good as new. However, you must also pay attention to keeping your carpet away from too much moisture. Moisture seeps into the carpet fibres and travels down to the carpet pad, where it soaks up dirt, dust, and bacteria. And when it’s drying up, it brings all that collected dirt to the surface of the carpet, causing those unsightly brown marks to appear.

How do you protect against brown spots on your carpet?

As the best carpet cleaning company in Manchester, we have all the exclusive technologies and environment-friendly products that can safely remove different types of dirt and stains from your carpet without spoiling its quality. However, it is better to take precautions to protect your carpet from the menace of brown stains.

  • Dealing with leaks Roof leaks, window frame issues, and plumbing mishaps can all lead to the accumulation of moisture in one spot with each new drip from the leak. Your carpet generally absorbs moisture, resulting in brown spots.
  • It’s crucial to stay aware when inspecting your roof and windows throughout the year, especially before the onset of the rainy winter and spring seasons. Identifying problem areas or leaks promptly can significantly reduce the risk of water damage and the emergence of brown stains.
  • Sometimes, extreme weather conditions can pose a formidable challenge for any home. Severe weather events can overpower roofing, windows, basement foundations, and sump pumps. When any of these components fail to protect your home against the harsh outdoor elements, moisture finds its way indoors and eventually reaches your carpet.

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